Ívar Pálsson

═var Pßlsson

Ivar Palsson Curriculum Vitae (CV)

  • Born 1958 in Reykjavik.

  • 1978 Graduated from M.R. (Reykjavik College)

  • 1978-1981 Studied Law and Business Administration at the University of Iceland .

  • 1984 Graduated from Boston University,School of Management, majored in marketing.

  • 1984-1986 Marketing manager of exports for Seifur Ltd., seafood export.

  • 1986-1988 Co-founder and Managing Director of Hafex Ltd., seafood export.

  • 1988- Owner and Managing Director of Saevorur Ltd., one of Iceland's main shrimp exporters.

  • 1998- 2000 Chairman and partner at Allied Exporters.

  • 2019- Driving guide on superjeeps in Iceland.

Personal History

  • Born and bred in Reykjavik (Skerjafjordur), with ancestry from the NW and N- Iceland, but his mother was born and raised in Canada in the Icelandic settlements there (Selkirk and Winnipeg).

  • In the summer vacations from school, Ivar worked in: a box factory, road construction, building construction, hangar roofing, airline ground services, deep-seaáfishing on a trawler, foresting (not in Iceland!), selling radiators and selling Volvo cars.

  • Ivar has visited over 40 countries in the pursuit of trade, exchange and culture. Not yet south of the equator, though.

  • Languages spoken:

    • Icelandic

    • English

    • Scandinavian (Danish/ Norwegian)

    • Some understanding of German, French and Latin.

  • Ivar has primarily been involved in the export of cooked and peeled shrimp (prawns) , along with other types of seafood. He was involved in quality-control systems in peeled shrimp (prawns) , e.g. by becoming a certified HACCP instructor.

  • Ventures participated in include a sushi plant, a shrimp plant, a crab plant, a mussels plant, factory real estate, some shipbuilding and a lot of trade in forex futures.

  • Ivar was a secondary board member of the Trade Council of Iceland in 1998-2002.

  • Interests are e.g.: world trade and economy, free- market politics, ideas exchange in blogs, writing, world history, electronic gadgets, science, inventions, skiing, glacier and mountain hiking, outdoor life, photography, running, salmon fly- fishing, astrology and numerology.

  • Ivar co-published and co-wrote his father's book "Laxa a Asum" (Laxa salmon river) in 1989.

  • The parents were Mr. Pall S. Palsson (1916-1983), advocate to the Supreme Court and Gudrun Stephensen (1919-2003), teacher and housewife in Reykjavik. The sisters and brothers are eight, Ivar is the youngest of them. They also have a half- brother (son of Pall) in USA.

  • Ivar is married to Gerdur Thoroddsen (lawyer) and they live in Reykjavik with their 3 children. Ivar also has one son, Oli from Akureyri, N-Iceland, an independent software developer. He with his wife and children are a family of six by now.

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Ívar Pálsson
Ívar Pálsson

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