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Ekki alveg b˙in a­ klßra ═sland

RIP cake

Jˇhanna Sig. vill lengri tÝma til ■ess a­ klßra ═sland. H˙n og SteingrÝmur J. eru ekki alveg b˙in. Ůau vilja klßra stˇru mßlin: Umbylta kvˇtakerfinu og stjˇrnarskrßnni a­ ■eirra hŠtti, klßra a­ildarferli­ a­ ESB og lj˙ka rammaߊtlun um au­lindir ■jˇ­arinnar, ■ar sem andstŠ­ingar nřtingar eins og SvandÝs Svavarsdˇttir fara me­ fj÷regg ■jˇ­arinnar til fjandans.

Af hverju gefum vi­ ■essari umbo­slausu og ˇvinsŠlustu rÝkisstjˇrn meiri slaka til ˇhŠfuverka sinna e­a a­ger­aleysis, ß me­an fj÷lskyldur ■jßst og atvinnulÝfi­ allt er Ý do­a? á

Undarleg er ■rŠlslund landans.


Kannski hef­i Jˇhanna ßtt a­ fara me­ ■essa rŠ­u Ý sinni elsku­u Brussel, Ý Guggla­ri ■ř­ingu:

Dear comrades

I hope you welcome to this class of board and hope that we have here a good and successful meeting today.áEven though that since we last met in this area is safe to say that things have gone, as the week said a long time in politics - let alone a month!
This is good for us all to keep in mind when we discuss and organize how we as a group and the backbone of the government would utilize it more than a year remaining current term.áThis year will be very important and will determine the legacy of the first Democratic majority and history social government in Iceland.
This year more than it will depend whether the good progress of economic collapse, can be used for further expansion and increased living standard account.
This year more than discuss whether we are able to boost the economy, introduce greater share creative and green economy and achieve the ambitious goals of the current wage increased investment and increasing growth.
This year more than it will depend whether the promise of our comprehensive review of the Constitution and the substantial work already carried out, being realized in the form of new constitutions or whether this remarkable democratic process, slipping out of the sand like all previous attempts of Parliament in this regard.
This year more than it will depend whether the governing to meet all the big words on the need for changes in the fisheries and the New Command natural resources including the adoption of the Framework, secure the nation's control of resources and resource development fund for the return on resources.
This year more than discuss whether we are able to complete our contract with the EU and ensure that people have the last word on Iceland's accession to the EU.
This year more than we have then the opportunity to introduce a greater vision of our Democrats in the social security system, housing system, health care, maternity cases and thus provide the basis for boosting welfare now, the rescue mission is almost completed and the benefits society gets better again.
Over the next 12-14 months, it will simply launch if the first Democratic majority and history social, will deliver his work with distinction until the end of its term of office.
It has enabled us to overcome obstacles and go through unable to nearly three years, especially solidarity and joy of our work we Democrats have been caring that never breaks.
And despite the often tried to ■olrifin us all the various divisions and opposition, even the key issue in our Government's policy, it is our endurance and commitment that has resulted in particular
the great success that the government has achieved the highest crash that some people have gone through in recent times.
Terrain are many on this journey in the months to live to the end of its term of office and we will reap good partners if we do not glut down the historic opportunity that the people gave us in the last elections.
I want to see the legacy of that first leftist majority, it will be finished things - kj÷rtÝmabili­ finished - finished a big project.
Also those who are ahead, not least a new fisheries management, the new constitution, complete our membership to the EU, the complete framework and implementation of progressive policies notary resource issues in the nation where the public interests and not the decision makers.
Failure of the endasprettinum we Democrats and all people forget that the biggest issues we Democrats will be realized in the near future.
If the failure endasprettinum, after sk˙ra­ and skr˙bba­ distressing words for Ýhaldi­ and framsˇkn seed and pollen reconstruction of all, the effort will reap all the way around the barn.
Then the harvest not allocated to the nation as a whole in line with our philosophy Democrats, but will all fall into old ways and the harvest will be allocated by the light of ideologies liberalism in favor of special interest, which was one main cause collapse.

Ride ends will determine the verdict of history in this regard.áThat's what should unite us for a while but have been failures in our ranks includeálandsdˇm the case.
It matters to us all very hard and follow the profound emotions - which many see as essential.
In that case I can only give one advice to your chair, try to respect and tolerate each other's views on this issue as others.
Let's not run Ýhaldi­ fleig in our series.áThe point is, of course, that trigger an election as soon as possible and avoid the fundamental principles in our policy Socialists changed fisheries management, changed the constitution and resource policy for the nation into action and they can move with the Council for their special interest.
Velkjumst never in doubt about the ongoing secret and clear parts of society to come back to the conservative cause before the Democrats reach the big issue in the effort.áThe struggle for Iceland - Iceland and the new future is now its greatest.
Cause and prevention of special interest alliances will not as I do any of the Council stop us - where we are going to win.
The only way that provides for the prevention we complete our mission, is to split our own series and bring the controversially and fragmentation.
Promise good partners that it will not succeed.
Dear comrades.
With these my words, I am not speaking for ■÷ggun or request a review or a voice in our class - far from it.
I want to talk open about our opinions and political feelings - talk about all the important issues and if the leadership do something wrong or you think we can do better - make okkkur hear it - tell us to sin and how you want to have thingsá- please blow out and talk like us living in nursing.
All I request is that we understand by such meetings and conversations as teammates - Determined not to damage the devil or daemon on fjˇsbitanum - and do not get the weapons in the hands of our opponents, that for far too long have managed here in opposition to our policyDemocrats, and left scorched earth.

Dear comrades
I will now turn me to the main content of this meeting the economic and employment.
One of the greatest challenges the government and have been professionally.áAll of our plans for continued expansion living standards, low among the unemployed, and the restoration of fiscal sustainability and economic welfare of families based on what we can to ensure this strong growth and increased investment.
The foundations here are such that we can achieve the results that we have committed.
Economic growth last year was greater than predicted and could be close to 4% in 2011.áVarious economists, includingáAsgeir Jonsson, also believe that the outlook for economic growth this year is more attractive than the latest forecast, which cried and just below 2 Ż%.
The outlook is for growth of OECD countries are only about 1.5% and only 9 of 34 countries will samkŠmt these forecasts higher growth rates than in this country.
Developments in the international community, particularly in Europe and the U.S., however, put a damper and delay developments - not least in terms of foreign investment and large projects in the construction industry and energy sector.
We find now that a considerable diffidence and delay in this matter and unfortunately there is little evidence that the will be fulfilled in the coming months.
It does however not give up, however, against adversity, and much of Iceland's position at the moment protects us temporarily affected the economic distress and we can still do much better here at home and build infrastructure for the future, irrespective of international developments.
Nřframl÷g­ government policy on foreign investment is part of this effort and ongoing action on the Elimination gjaldeyrishaftann.
In the coming weeks will be taken two important steps in the removal of controls, set another currency auction rate and investment, however, the first offering designed to attract foreign investment to the country with the transfer aflandskrˇna entry.
To illustrate the importance of this phase of economic restructuring process of Iceland, it must be remembered that Fitch had noted at the beginning, to manage the offering well come well to consider lifting the garbage from Iceland in the investment grade category.
Such developments in the credit rating nations fßheyr­ this last and worst of times as we know.
Nřframl÷g­ government policies regarding foreign investment will also mark a turning point, but this is the first time that such a strategy is presented which emphasizes the importance of foreign investment.
The newly passed policy on the promotion of the green economy, regional strategies have been developed in collaboration with the local population in each location under Iceland 2020 and ambitious plans for building tourism, film and tip range of activities are all paid the same vein.
Membership of our Union and the discussion and interests that now takes place for the negotiations also brings us forward in this regard.áNot least, this applies to the view that the need to go for future currency affairs in this country.
In the coming days or weeks is forthcoming report of the Central Bank of Iceland, the main advantage of this huge interest of the nation.
ASI has recently pointed out that the currency means that Icelanders pay 5-6% higher rate than other Europeans and 12% of the workers here go on paying this interest rate differential.
In the coming weeks, all classes that make up her what they want and identify the population reported their positions in currency of the nation - otherwise Parliament on monetary matters.
Dear comrades
Fishing and processing have been on the upswing over the past three years, however, normally have fallen seriously affect the position of many companies in this sector like any other.áProfits in fishing and processing has rarely been more than made years ago, or about 20% of income.Equity in the industry has doubled over the previous year, the largest of all!
All indications are that the situation will continue to improve in the coming years, especially due to the improving condition of the stocks in the country.
Increased capelin quota, the continuing large-scale fishing mackerel, herring for human consumption increased along with decreasing infection in the population, and last but not least, the growing cod gives us reason to believe that there can people begin to reap the dividends of increasing its resources.
Multi prove most crucial changes in the fisheries of which are important.
A bill to change the fisheries will be submitted to Parliament in February if everything goes by.The growing consensus among government on Rules and is now working on finalizing the case before the leave is to act.
No changes to be achieved through the time of this government, the matter will be dealt with in the next session since the last fishing year begins this electoral term in September.
There is also a bright future in the development of energy infrastructure and related industries, especially if the long term.áMajor projects are already running at orkufyrirtŠkjunum, both B˙­arhßls, in north-eastern region and in su­versturhorninu and further projects are planned for this year, in Reykjanes, in Thingeyjarsysla and Hverahlid.
The progress of the issues determined by the extent of the progress of the negotiations currently underway with a large and diverse group of investors who have shown interest in the country.
Many of these cases have been delayed but are broken in a very short notice.áAll are familiar with the situation HelguvÝk, KÝsliversins the same place as silicon plant in tray.
All these issues are of course positive about this time and Verne data center is finally in full and will be officially opened in Reykjanes in the coming days.
More than a dozen investment contracts are currently under review or have already been signed and implemented on the basis of such contracts which took effect in mid-2010.áThe scope of the projects which are under way could slaga­ 200 billion would they all be implemented in the coming years.
In a recent interim committee is working on establishing a resource fund, it emphasizes the importance of all shareholders of the nation's resources will be made visible under the Resource Fund - whether it is disposed of immediately or collected in a fund for future generations.
This applies to marine resources, energy, drinking water, land use on public land, the potential oil resources, losunarkvˇta and any concession to the limited quality that people have control over.Expected final proposals this summer.
With the New Command natural resources as ongoing, both in terms of regulation and supervision of deployed resources fund, we can expect to control and dividends of the nation within each nation and future generations.
So people will also know at the time what resources bring us to progress and development of society.
Over the next few days will be laid the framework for the protection and exploitation of nature.
When the important ■jˇ­■rifamßl will be passed by Parliament, the nation has been on a settlement basis for the future development of energy sector has so desperately need in order to maximize the profit of the nation of its resources and to ensure optimal utilization of the promotion of human life and society throughout the country.
Then I unacc various functions and large projects in the public arena that will create thousands of jobs across the country.
The scope of these projects could be in the next two years have been about 55 billion, the largest single project in question is of course the construction of a university hospital.
It has been made in efforts to enable the unemployed to learn and function in the workplace.These projects have been used on thousands of individuals who would otherwise have been the unemployment register.
It is clear that the public works, although they failed to be important for lifting the economic growth and create a lasting and good working conditions.áInvestments have been too small and the ratio of investment to GDP is only 14% last year and forecasts for the Bank in 2012 assumed that the proportion rising to 16%.
With wage settlements in the spring of 2011 put government and the parties themselves the task of investment would amount to 20% of GDP at the end of the contract in 2013 and that unemployment went down to 4-5%.
We can be moderately optimistic that this will succeed if economic developments in the world is not that much worse.
To achieve this will require all sectors to have the opportunity to flourish, particularly intellectual property industry, tourism, creative industries and green infrastructure.áThus we achieve lasting sustainable growth.áThus we achieve the living standards and lifestyles of our young people make a claim to.
Dear comrades
It has been our good fortune in the Social Democrats and the goodness of this government in the difficult tasks we have undertaken in the wake, we have been stuck strategy, solution-based and stand close together.
Thus, we have managed to avoid bankruptcy of the nation, not just service requirements but also thousands of businesses and individuals and an economic recovery samÚlagsins and at the same time restored, slowly confidence of the international community in Iceland.
So we have been able to conclude the most extensive reorganization of the central government in the history of the Republic, both in terms of financial restructuring and change management and at the same time increase the scope of welfare and reduce the overall tax burden for individuals and businesses.
So we have been able to start up a strong growth of the past year has led to job growth, increasing purchasing power of pensioners and workers, and equal terms.
So we have been able to implement large coat features in housing, probably the largest of any Western government has done for the preserved homes of thousands of ships violation.
For the first time in many years, the lord of lower current household debt and asset price increases.áSince the collapse of the mortgage debt has been reduced by nearly 200 billion and 50-60 billion spent on additional interest and interest subsidies to approximately 100,000 households.
Thus, we have also managed to introduce a range of rights and justice, some of which have been issue and public interest groups for decades.áThe recent adoption of the recognition of the Bank of Palestine as independent states illustrates an example case that no other government than that which currently operates a trust had to be taken.
With solidarity and hispursleysi we also at issue, go through extensive improvement program of any of the Icelandic group has gegni­ through both price policy and practice series.
Dear comrades
If we complete the intention of our work which I have described here, we in no anxiety about the election next year.
The election will first and foremost concern how the government works now, and those groups who stand to it, took the historic opportunity that they did in the last elections - to build the Icelandic society from the ruins hugmydnafrŠ­i Independence and bring it boldly awayásocialism.
Since we live.
I say this category of the Board posted. Vill klßra mßlin
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Hvernig er gatan heima hjß ■Úr?


Eru Jˇn Gnarr og Jˇhanna Sig. Ý dugleysiskeppni? Hvort hefur betur? Mjˇtt er ß mununum.


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